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good job in laying out the argument, I enjoyed reading your argument section, but several things to comment on, I'm not sure if this is your final, but before you submit it, read it over to catch things like in the first sentence, i think it should say "how sex IS used" vs "how sex used". Also, you mention "damn politics". It doesn't sound too professional or academic to say that, and I would recommend for an academic piece like this that those opinions stay to yourself. Also, it would be nice for you to put that quote in the conclusion section into the body of your annotation and build on it.


I think you did an awesome job at being concise, yet still saying a lot on this piece. Like Frank, I would suggest rewording "damn politics" into something a little less angry. However, I do agree with your argument. I also liked that you added the subsections - such as the caste system, feminism, etc... I thought it was a good way to emphasize each. Overall, good job on making an argument.--Lora 01:58, 26 May 2008 (EDT)

Thanks you two! Frank, I did mean to say "how sex is used." Thanks for picking that up. As for the "damn politics," I wasn't using it as a swear word at all. I meant how people can scrutinize politics and condemn it, not as an adjective. I didn't realize until now how that sounded like anger. I just meant it as an action! But, I can now see how that gets a little misconstrued. Again, thank you! :) Kyle

This essay is really well organized and a good read. Just a couple comments that might make it better is if you combine the argument and conclusion and maybe expand a little in the middle to connect them, I noticed between the two headings it seemed like a stop in the reading, it's not as smooth as it could be. Also under caste systems, I wanted to know more about the controversies that occurred at Alfred Kinsley's work. Maybe just a sentence or two that says how people reacted to it, the way it is now seems like a cliff hanger. Other than that you got good points across in a well thought out layout. Good job :) ~Janessa

Great job on the annotated bibliography. I also got Rubin as a secondary source for "The Scarlet Letter" and it seems she makes similar arguments in both article. In both articles she calls for the liberation of women through the end of socially constructed norms and institutions. I think you did a great job of addressing her argument and your points of views. Great Job. Lidet